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Skilled and Experienced Wire Technicians
Triton Tech is capable of providing a full array of cable assembly products and services. From commercial wiring harnesses to aerospace cable assemblies, the company services virtually all market sectors. Beginning with design services through prototype and production requirements, Triton Tech focuses on time-to-market delivery.

Special tools and Assembly Aids
Efficient product manufacturing and assembly demands the availability and the use of the right tools.

Triton Tech provides and maintains the proper tools and assembly aids required for all phases of complex wire and cable terminations and bundling.  All tooling is maintained via strict calibration schedules in order to provide the highest level of quality manufacturing processes.

Hybrid Wire and Cable Fabrication Services

Triton Tech offers Hybrid Wire and Cable Fabrication Capability.

Hybrid Cables include a variety of assemblies, limited only by designer creativity and product function requirements.

Expert technicians experienced in fabrication of complex wire and cable hybrid terminations and bundling continue to help customers launch new products into the marketplace.

Hybrid Cable w/Opto Sensor PCB/PWB


Hybrid Cable w/Turret Terminal Board



Wire and Harness Fabrication Services

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Switch Contact Block Connections

The above photo illustrates a typical industrial switch or contactor block.

Hookup wire insulation is stripped to length as specified by the switch manufacturer.

Labels are prepared and fitted over the wire.

Bare wire-end is inserted under the indented washer and the screw is then tightened.

Remaining wires are similarly installed and the assembly is inspected..

Labels are positioned for readability and hot air is applied to shrink the labels permanently in place.

The final assembly is re-inspected prior to approval.


Examples of chassis assembly work, please click here.

Examples of wiring harness work, please click here.



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